Our professional fees have been developed to meet market demands. For years, retainer based executive search firms have charged a fee that, in most cases, is paid in full prior to a company successfully identifying or even hiring a candidate. The growing concern among users of retainer based search has been in cost effectiveness and keeping the search firm focused on your hiring needs.

Caruso & Associates has a fee structure that preserves your financial resources and ensures our full attention to your search needs. Our financial stake in your critical hiring needs is to successfully conclude the search in a timely manner.

In addition to professional fees, retainer based executive search firms charge their clients for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses which include: photo copies, mailing and postage, facsimile copies, administrative charges and other incidental expenses. Out of pocket expenses on the average, range an additional ten to fifteen percent or
more of the search fee paid.

Caruso & Associates considers those type of out-of-pocket expenses our costs to service you, our client, and not your expenses to do business with us.

FEE: We work on an exclusive basis, our fee is based on the selected candidate's first year's estimated cash compensation.

EXPENSES: We will not invoice for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses associated with the assignment, with the exception of telephone charges and any travel-related expenses. Such travel will be pre-approved by you, our client.

INVOICING: Our professional fee is invoiced as follows: A portion of the fee is paid upon inception of the search assignment. A progress billing is invoiced upon presentation of qualified candidates, and the balance due upon hiring.
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